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Take part in a transformative experience that goes beyond theory, immersing yourself in the practice of coolhunting, and prepare yourself to lead design and innovation.

Start Date: 14/09/2024, from 7pm to 10pm.


The Coolhunting* course is designed for those looking to cultivate a keen awareness of future trends. Delve into the historical influences of macro behavioral trends in fashion and various industries, uncovering the intricate connections that shape the future of behavior and consumption. Our immersive approach goes beyond theory, offering a hands-on experience to understand the pulse of cultural change and its impact on design, ensuring you develop a unique skill set that goes beyond the conventional.

The main point of this course is to empower participants with the practice of coolhunting, allowing them to draw inspiration for innovative ideas across a range of sectors. From fashion to technology, students will acquire practical skills in coolhunting and trend research, improving their ability to anticipate and respond to evolving consumer preferences.

With a dynamic program, the course provides a comprehensive understanding of trend analysis and also offers a platform to apply these skills in real-world scenarios, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the dynamic landscape of design and innovation.

Join us for this transformative experience, where you will not only learn about the historical context of trends but also become actively involved in the coolhunting process, fostering a proactive, forward-looking mindset that is invaluable in today's ever-changing design landscape.

*The Coolhunting course will be taught in English.

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Find out more about the Coolhunting course! 

Attend lectures with keynote presentations, videos, music, and insightful case studies. Explore fundamental fashion concepts, theories, and the evolution of trends, with a special focus on the significant zeitgeists and influencers over the last century.

Analyze the influence of different generations on current behavior and unravel the threads of current macro trends, with practical methodologies for coolhunting and trend research, equipping yourself with the tools to identify and interpret emerging cultural changes.

To do this, we will cover the concept of the urban safari, highlighting its importance in understanding local and global trends, through methods such as street research - depending on the themes chosen by the participants. We will also make external visits, such as São Paulo Fashion Week, allowing students to experience contemporary fashion up close and understand the backstage of this international event.


This course has a face-to-face format and follows a predetermined schedule. Face-to-face classes take place at the unit where the course is being offered. External visits can also be part of the face-to-face classes. 

IED's Methodology

IED believes that a complete professional education is born from the union of cognitive intelligence (theory), creative intelligence (practice), and emotional intelligence (human dimension). That's why we have created a unique methodological basis that integrates the management of knowledge and practice. 

The formation of classes and the start of courses depend on a minimum quorum (at the faculty's discretion) 15 days before the start, to guarantee the best experience for all participants. 

The IED reserves the right to change the teaching staff due to personal or institutional needs, without compromising the quality of the course.

This course is designed for the general public, including image consultants, fashion students, and individuals in fields such as art and architecture, looking to expand their knowledge base and professional opportunities. It is also ideal for those in roles related to consumerism, advertising, entrepreneurship, and innovation who wish to find inspiration for innovative ideas.

Develop a keen awareness of future trends with the Coolhunting course. Delve into the historical impact of macro behavioral trends on fashion and various industries, uncovering the intricate connections that shape the future of behavior and consumption.

The main aim of this course is to immerse participants in the practice of coolhunting, enabling them to draw inspiration for innovative ideas in various sectors. Students will acquire practical skills in coolhunting and trend research.

Programa de Estudos

Program and Subjects

  • History of fashion, main fashion movements over time (4h) 

  • Concepts: what is zeitgeist, coolhunting (2h) 

  • Generational theory (2h) 

  • Main current macro trends (6h) 

  • Mood boards (2h) 

  • Urban Safari (practicing coolhunting in the streets) (4h) 

  • Ted Talks desk research + preparation and orientation (2h) 

  • Group presentation + conclusion (2h)


Silvia Scigliano