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“In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”, said Lavoisier more than 200 years ago. And transformation is precisely the whole point of the course Upcycling: the ideia is to show the possibilities of changing and creating new clothes using existing clothes as starting materials. The students will unsew, remodel and dye articles of clothes from past collections of FARM (the most carioca brand ever!), our partner. Have you ever thought about how many meters of perfectebly usable fabric are wasted because of simple mistakes or just because they’re not in anymore? Upcycling, a trend at the fashion world whose promess is to make more and more success, besides enabling the creation of exclusive itens, is also an eco-friendly way to make new clothes.

Know the coordinator

upcycling-coordenadora-gabriela-mazepa-site-pbGabriela Mazepa is a fashion designer and, since 2007, a big defenser of the Textile Upcycling, the basis of her brand Gabriela Mazepa and the ReRoupa (ReClothing) project. The concept of reusing material that would be trowned on the garbage by the textile industry has scooped her two prizes (IYFEBritish Council 2009 e TOP 10 Greenbest 2011).




To begin the application process, the student must complete all the information in the section Apply to get in touch with the responsible department.   

* IED Rio reserves the right to postpone the course if it does not obtain a quorum.

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