English – Street art in Rio

A historical and practical experience


Rio de Janeiro is one of the cities in Brazil where street art is most renowned. The workshop is dedicated to presenting and discussing aspects and the context of street art in Rio and includes themes such as the beginning, the development and the practice of graffiti as an artistic language and its evolution in the streets of the city. The workshop includes a theoretical portion, when information will be presented concerning the history of street art and its main artists, as well as a practical part where students will get in touch with tools and materials and techniques and the practice of painting with spray cans. The students will also be introduced to the carioca graffiti scene, through a tour to the main street art spots of Rio de Janeiro.

Know the coordinator:

street-art-coordenador-heleno-bernardi-site-pbHeleno Bernardi
is a visual artist with exhibits in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, New York, Basel, Nice, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Frankfurt, among other cities. Through urban interventions, installations, photography, objects and other supports, Heleno discusses how the body faces the city and interpersonal relationships.





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* IED Rio reserves the right to postpone the course if it does not obtain a quorum.

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