English – Set Design: Stage and Beyond

A wide contemporary approach of scenography creation and experimentation in the Brazilian Market.


Set design is not just about the traditional theater stage. Set designers are gaining more and more space on events, stands, exhibitions and fashion shows, among others. The course Creation Within Set Design is an introduction to this world, with practical and theoretical classes that will make the student have a hands-on experience by making a final project based on real set design briefings.

Know the coordinator

cenografia-coordenadora-suzane-queiroz-site-pbSuzane Queiroz is an architect who has been working with set design for 21 years. In 2007, she founded the enterprise Pândega, where she does a multidisciplinaire work on set design creations at areas such as teather, shows, stands, exhibitions and runways. Her work has gained national and international acknowlege, winning prizes such as the IDEA Brazil. Suzane was elected the Interior Designer of the Year in 2010 and 2012 by the Columnists Prize.



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* IED Rio reserves the right to postpone the course if it does not obtain a quorum.

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