English – Pocket Cinema: Smartphone Storytelling

The new art of visual storytelling using only a smartphone


One of the greatests brazilian filmmakers ever, Glauber Rocha, once said: “A camera on the hand and an ideia in the head”. If he was still alive and did the course Pocket Cinema, que would more likely say “a smartphone on the hand and an ideia in the mind”.  Pocket Cinema teaches how to make a movie entirely with one smartphone and some apps, from the shooting to the final upload.

Know the coordinator

cinema-de-bolso-coordenador-felipe-barcellos-site-pbFelipe Barcellos works for 25 years with TV, cinema and digital medias content creation. He was part of the first generation of VJ’s at MTV Brasil. He was content coordinator at important brazilian TV channels and at Conspiração Filmes and chef editor of the magazine Quatro Rodas (Four Wheels) NITRO. Felipe was also the creator of the trophy-winning movie “Sequestro” (Kidnapping) and the 4k films of the campaig “O Rio e sua História” (Rio and it’s History).



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